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Scripture Prayers

Scripture is the living word of God. When it is spoken, it is as if God was right there speaking. The word of God is an experience of prayer because it allows us through these printed or spoken word to hear the very sentences and words of God.


Find a soothing or favorite passage of scripture and say it over and over to your baby. Be assured that through your voice, God is speaking to the baby.
Holding your baby on your chest say scripture. Not only is the baby hearing the scripture, they are feeling the vibrations of your chest and throat as you speak, The baby is hearing and feeling the word of God.


Any of the above can be used with the addition of the following:

  • Make up motions to the scripture and teach them to your toddler, much like patty cake. Do it over and over.
  • Read scripture aloud to your child and watch for the words they especially like. Encourage them to repeat back to you their favorite parts. Say the words at different levels and using a lot of expression. Allow your child to enjoy the very sound of the words.
  • Give the child crayons or markers and paper. As you read the scripture have them color. Delight in their creation which has been inspired by the word of God.

  • Read allow to the child and have them choose a scripture verse they would like to learn. Memorize it and say it over and over. Make up motions to go with it.
  • Read scripture and have them write words that “jump out” at them as you go. Talk about the words they chose and why. Remember, no correcting spelling.
  • Make a scripture placing one word on one index card. Then give them scrambled to the child and have them unscramble it. Then scramble them again and again and each time they unscramble them it will get faster and easier. This allows time to focus on a scripture passage for a long time.
  • Give them crayons and have them draw the images that come to mind as you read the scripture.
  • Allow them to read the scripture to you over and over. Try saying it at different voice levels and see what happens.
Early Teens
  • Allow them to choose a scripture passage they really like and then find music they like to play along. It could be one song, or many to create the scripture. Play the music as you learn the scripture but then play the music only and reflect silently on the words. Any music will do. Let them use their favorites.

  • Allow them to cut words from a scripture passage out of magazines or piece words together using separate letters. Glue the scripture on a sheet of paper board and then add pictures and images either cut from magazines or drawn that remind them of the scripture.

  • Have them write down the scripture, one word on one index card and then mix them to create new sentences that God might be saying.

  • Read a scripture passage over and over and then have them write or draw their feelings or anything that the scripture evokes in them.

More Ideas for Scripture Praying

Scripture is beautiful but if the passages are too long it can seem hard to understand and overwhelming. Keep the passages short to begin with and increase the length as the process becomes more comfortable.
Light a candle as you begin reading to remind the child that these words are scared and holy.